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All 3 of you have done a marvelous job on “The Sea”. The orchestration is wonderful(which one of you two did that?) and the opening is like the sound of a harbour in the fog. Nobody does ethereal like Tracey!

— Dymaxion Vehicle


About The Album…

This album was intended to be the second full length collaboration between Omnifarious & Tracey Inkson, but because of scheduling issues on both ends it was unable to be completed in that manor. Now what we have here is a bit of a “mixed bag” as they say.

There are a few tracks featuring the wonderful Tracey Inkson, a few instrumentals and even a track featuring a hip hop vocalist!

What you can expect is Omnifarious’ patented style, albeit, a bit more mature then before. Which means its different from the get go.

From the opening track “Perfect World” to the brooding “Tesla” and finally on to the hip hop infused “Happily Ever After” you will no doubt remember that familiar sound and enjoy the new tracks.

If you enjoy the music please leave comments about it here, i give it away for free, all i ask for is feedback.

Full Size Album Art

About Me

Omnifarious is only made up of 1 artist and that’s me, i distribute my music under Omnifarious because of its meaning.

adj : of all varieties or forms or kinds

This best represents my music. It’s different, ill be the first to admit that; unique, strange and beautiful are accurate ways to describe what you will hear from me and it seems i’m finally finding my audience. I’d like to consider it be a new spawn of “trip hop” personally, but you decide. I’m constantly learning, taking music lessons and just trying to do anything to enhance what i already have. I know that with the right knowledge im going to blow you away :). I have no problem admitting i did not go to Berkley or any other school for music, im a self taught basement producer who is still learning and still expanding on his studio and bag of tricks. If i had any idea i would get this passionate about making music and working with it for a living i would have gone to school for it, alas, i did not and that’s a regret but that’s not going to stop me from doing it and doing it my way.

I appreciate your support if you like my music, its at no cost to you as i do not sell my music in any way, why would i? Im happy if you want to listen and enjoy it, if you really want to give something then leave comments and let me know how you like the music, sign the guestbook, that’s enough for me as payment.

Would like to use my work, existing or custom, on your project? Contact me!

I am still available for hire, and I work 1 of 2 ways.

  1. You can pay me. Since the work will be used commercially, in this case i charge. If your going to make money off my music then i feel i should get some too.
  2. 100% Free with credit. This means that you can have the music 100% free for your project, the stipulation is that it must be made well known that i am the composer with link backs to my site.
  • What do i make music for?
  • Animations
  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Websites
  • TV/Ads
  • Anything really.