digital music producer.

A few seconds…

I am very busy these days. Going to school, working, studying and some other personal things i wont get into.

However a quick update because i owe people that. All the music for the new album with Tracey Inkson has been composed. Currently 4 tracks have had the vocals recorded, so we are getting there slowly but surely. The new album title is FALLOUT and i think your gonna love it. Because i want to show you at least something i have attached the album art. Take a look, i hope you like it and i hope it gets you pumped to hear the new sounds.

You may (if you have been here before) notice that i have updated the look of the website. I like it, its smoother and simpler and WORKS. So while i had a few seconds to type this out i wanted to updated everyone, i miss being here but school its most important now, i only have a few months left and then i can relax and ill be here more often again.

One last note: i have decided to shy away from doing all my blogging here, i will from now on only be writing about my music or art. Lets face it, if i post a blog here with any sort of political rant or opinion to something in the news and i could potentially alienate some fans or possible fans because they will no longer judge me for my music but for that.