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AUDIO: Finally

UPDATE: It now has vocals written and performed by Tracy Inkson.

I made this track with vocals in mind, its suppose to have vocals to fill in the space.

The best way to describe the style of this track would be to call it Omnifarious does R & B. This is as close as i get to it, i would like to call this track trip-hop but i believe it is more R & B influenced. I hope you enjoy it and if you want to write vocals for it then please feel free.

3 Responses to AUDIO: Finally

  • I’m a sucker for strings…and piano.

    As you are no doubt aware, it’s quite repetitious. However, considering that you’re planning to have vocals in the foreground, I think this will end up as a really pensive, moody piece. I’m not one for writing lyrics, but if you can find a female voice, and some lyrics befitting the somewhat dark, brooding chord structure, you might have something really stellar here.

  • This is fab! I love your sound so much! came across you just checking out some songs. I write lyrics for a few bands so would love to come up with something if you are interested?

  • by the way I put finally on my artist page on my space =) here it is don’t laugh at my photo’s =P