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Audio: Wake Up

Featuring: Opie and Anthony + Patrice O’neal.

This is a radio show i listen to religiously and they were on a rant about the government which they do from time to time  and its refreshing to hear people thinking the same way as me. As i was listening there were some “bullet points” if you will that i feel were very important and im a nobody. Just an amateur musician so i thought what can i do to highlight these points and spread them around? Put them to some of my music i thought!

So here you have it, and i know im a bit biased but i think its a good tune, i sent a copy to opie i hope he gets it and i hope they don’t mind i did it.

2 Responses to Audio: Wake Up

  • Good song, man. For me, and this is rare, the music takes a backseat to the message in this tune.

    Something is wrong. What’s more, while almost every news story mentions the IRS Attacker’s 6-page message, none of them comment on his ideas; his POINT. They talk about a personal hatred. They talk about a personal grudge, and I don’t deny it was there.

    But none of them want to even mention the concepts he was discussing, that drove him to make a very poor decision. I could talk more on this, but I’m sick of talking. No one is listening. Not really.

  • Oh you mean acknowledge the fact that we are not happy with the government and how they are running things right now?

    God Forbid!

    Is it government controlled media at this point?