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Audio/Remake: Finally. with Tracy Inkson

Tracy had stumbled upon my site and expressed and interest in doing some vocals for a track i had made specifically for vocals but didn’t have anyone to do them.

She enjoyed the song and wanted to collaborate and so we did, all the lyrics were written and are sung by Tracy and i made the beat and mixed to vocals. Personally i very happy with the outcome i told Tracy her sound reminds me of Amy Lee and she is very talented so check the song out.

9 Responses to Audio/Remake: Finally. with Tracy Inkson

  • It was a huge pleasure to work with you on this, Your fantastic music made it very easy and fun to write this one =))

  • re finally.can i just say to you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve my Brother at last your musical tallent is being used and used WELL> Tracey i am a fan of Amy Lee and as pointed out bye my good friend Steve… WOW GIRL you have a voice. And yes your style reminds me also of Amy Lee. I trust and i hope that this is not the last we will hear from you and Steve. Don’t stop singing and Steve my Brother keep up with the music you guys sound great.

  • Steve……I am always amazed at all that you do and you just keep me guessing at what you will do next. This is simply beautiful…, words and singing all just wonderful. Tracey you have a beautiful voice and my dear friend Steve…the music….(you know how much music has come to mean to mean once again).
    All I can say is continue doing what you do…….both of you Steve and Tracey…Bravo!!!

    Your friend forever

  • Hey Steve and Tracey,
    What a wonderful collaboration. The music and lyrics are a perfect match, you are both obviously on the same page in your interpretation of music. Absolutely beautiful.
    Steve you are even more talented that I already knew, keep up the good work. (and that is high praise from the Crusty Leprechaun)
    Tracey your voice is beautiful, and you have a wonderfully natural style, could listen to you for hours.
    I hope you both continue to work together and produce more beautiful music.


  • ohhh hey that’s so nice of you all =) and yes I am planning on stealing Steve don’t worry haha His music is all calling to me and being stolen as we speak with a Tracey added to it =D hehe Really loving! the only problem is all your tunes are addictive and I can’t stop listening to it all instead of going to work!!! ;)) More songs on there way in the next few days! be warned hehe

  • Great to see your music combined with the voice talent of another. They compliment each other nicely. Keep up the good work!

  • Tracey,

    Your voice is MOST excellent, and definitely reminds me of Amy Lee’s, which is one of the best compliments I can think of to make.

    I had the pleasure to hear this one without the vocals, and while I enjoyed the piece I can certainly say that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

    Excellent work to both Steve and Tracey. Steve, I know I’ll hear more of your stuff, and Tracey, I only hope I can say the same of your voice.

  • have come up with another wonderful sound in the song your both should be proud of your talents