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Audio/Remake: With Your Eyes. With Tracy Inkson

Well Tracy wrote and performed on another one of my tracks, again i got to do the vocal mixing.

This one was a bit more difficult but we are pleased with the end result and we hope you enjoy it. Once again to Tracy, thank you, your voice is amazing and your skill at writing is is evident, my songs are not easy to write to but you make it seem easy. Im having a lot of fun with these.

3 Responses to Audio/Remake: With Your Eyes. With Tracy Inkson

  • again a good job guys. I agree that the different style of your tracks make it hard to write for Steve but the style is cool, don’t give it up bro. Tracy the voice still works well Looking forward to the next one.

  • Well as I said on, Your songs just draw me in and when you love the sound of something so much, it makes it easy to write to them! yes they are the “normal” structure of a vocal song but that’s what I love and its a joy to write to them.

  • I’ve been listening to Steve’s work for a couple years now. I’m always interested in what he’s going to do, and I usually have comments for him, not all of which are always positive. I say this mostly just to say that I try to be honest.

    These collaborations are amazing, guys. The mixing, the vocals, and of course, the backing track. It all seems as though it were written by one person, which is about the best compliment I can come up with in terms of how well Tracey’s voice mixes with your backing, Steve.

    The mixing was done well, too. I really enjoyed the background/resampled vocals on this one. In fact, I enjoyed it all.

    Tracey, I’ve heard your voice compared to Amy Lee’s, and the comparison is a fair one in my mind. Amy Lee’s voice is stunning, powerful, beautiful. And I feel that any of these compliments apply equally to your voice.

    You guys did another excellent job, and I’m really enjoying these, though Steve sometimes has to remind me multiple times to come check them out. πŸ™‚ Again, seriously good work. πŸ™‚