digital music producer.

Release: Fallout

[note color=”#FFCC00″]Before playing music on this page you will want to click the pause botton on the footer of this website, where the backround music is playing from.[/note]

This album was intended to be the second full length collaboration between Continue reading

Do you like the new website?

You have noticed the new website design, well if your on your PC that is. If your on a mobile device you will only see the mobile version (not the same).

Anyway, what do you think of the new layout? Continue reading

A few seconds…

I am very busy these days. Going to school, working, studying and some other personal things i wont get into.

However a quick update because i owe people that. All the music for the new album with Tracey Inkson has Continue reading

Vocal Mixing Has Begun

I was very happy to find the vocals for 2 songs in my email the other day 🙂

I have been mixing them for the past few days and I think they sound awesome, Tracey is the best she always Continue reading

AUDIO: The Sea

This track was originally created for the upcoming album but i felt it stood alone, it was not as dark or slow as most of the album. I liked what i had here but it was missing something, based on Continue reading