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Release: Fallout

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This album was intended to be the second full length collaboration between Omnifarious & Tracey Inkson, but because of scheduling issues on both ends it was unable to be completed in that manor. Now what we have here is a bit of a “mixed bag” as they say.

There are a few tracks featuring the wonderful Tracey Inkson, a few instrumentals and even a track featuring a hip hop vocalist!

What you can expect is Omnifarious’ patented style, albeit, a bit more mature then before. Which means its different from the get go.

From the opening track “Perfect World” to the brooding “Tesla” and finally on to the hip hop infused “Happily Ever After” you will no doubt remember that familiar sound and enjoy the new tracks.

If you enjoy the music please leave comments about it here, i give it away for free, all i ask for is feedback.

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